The Mods

As well as Fallout Wanderers Edition, I will be playing with:

Mart’s Mutant Mod: Increases the number, variety, and individuality of creatures (it introduces many new ones also).

Weapon Mod Kits, which allows you to buy add-ons for many guns such as scopes, silencers, larger magazines etc.

CRAFT: The Community Resource To Allow Fanmade Tinkering. A community resource kit that allows for a greater variety of custom weapons. Assuming you have the right equipment and a ‘blueprint’ recipe, you can build more than the few default weapons now.

CALIBR: The Community Ammunition Library. Another community resource that adds more ammunition types to the game to cater for the many new weapons included in FWE.

Fellout: A graphics mod that removes the green filter from the game and makes several changes to the weather and lighting. It also, crucially, makes nights incredibly dark, so I won’t be able to see more than a few feet in front of me if I’m daft enough to go exploring on a cloudy night.

Enhanced Weather: Adds rain to the game (and snow, which I haven’t seen yet, as it’s apparently seasonal and the game starts in August). I’ve enabled an option to make the rain radioactive, so I will be forced to find shelter (this means entering a building unfortunately, as it’s not possible to model awnings or rocky outcroppings etc.) or use up expensive anti-radiation chemicals.

Streetlights: Adds lighting to key points in the outside world – works very well with Fellout’s pitch black nights, and makes for some lovely contrasting light scenes.

Realistic Interior Lighting: Makes inside locations much more atmospheric and in many cases dark and treacherous.

Project Beauty: Makes some cosmetic changes to NPC faces. There’s an obvious difference, but it’s not a vital mod, as I find the default faces are fine for the most part.

Shells Rain: Makes more shell casings stay around for longer. A nice touch after a heavy gunfight.

No Battle Music: Disables the surprise-killing combat music that kicks in whenever an enemy attacks you. I will need to be alert.

MZ silent killer: Disables the radiation warnings and geiger counter clicks that usually appear whenever you are being irradiated. The ‘you have radiation sickness’ messages still appear, which is fine by me.

Owned!: Allows you to ‘inherit’ rooms and their contents from people you’ve killed. Also allows you to sleep on some beds when they’re not in use. This will be handy if I get into any scrapes, as I will be able to sleep in someone’s bed if they’re dead. It also adds the option to buy and rent out most buildings, but I won’t be using this feature.

Wearable Backpacks: A mod expanded by several people that adds backpacks to the game, increasing your maximum carry capacity. I’ve actually made some of my own modifications to this to alter the price and capacity values of the backpacks to suit the needs of this blog – the default versions add up to 75Kg of weight, which is vastly more than I want as it would allow me to carry an entire armoury. I’ve set this down to a maximum of 25Kg, and the prices will likely put most of them out of my reach anyway.

There are many, many more mods out there, from the crap to the excellent. If you’ve not played with any of them, I strongly urge you to have a look around, as there will be someone out there who has modded the game to your liking and is kindly sharing the fruits of their labour for free.

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