England’s Moronic Leave Vote just Saved Scotland: a Thought

Think ye now on the relative power of Scotland, Westminster, and the EU, and compare it to 2014 in the context of an independence vote.

In 2014 Scotland voted by a relatively small margin against independence, largely on the basis that England promised more power, resources, and EU membership. But since then, England has delivered none of what it promised. And now, to add insult and injury to insult and injury, Britain may leave the EU. England has utterly invalidated the 2014 vote, and no longer has any right to claim anything over Scotland. It’s objectively true that they have completely failed to uphold their obligations, and misled the Scottish people into a disaster that threatens to set their country back several decades.

But that much is obvious. What’s more interesting is where the EU comes in. In 2014, a major question hanging over the independence vote was what would happen to Scotland’s resources should the outcome be Yes. The likelihood was that England, being England and therefore bastards, would maintain a strong hold on most of them. Scotland wouldn’t be able to do much about this as it wouldn’t be in a very influential position globally. The EU would naturally prefer stability, and thus likely support England. What’s more, the EU would be ambivalent at best about Scotland’s efforts to join the Union – encouraging other independence movements across the continent would be unpopular and risky compared to giving preferential treatment to England instead.


Now, England (with some extremely baffling help from Wales) has decided to cut its own arms off in a bid to magically grow some better arms out of nowhere with the sheer power of blinkered idiot nostalgia for a time that never existed. With Britain poised to leave the EU, everything has changed.

Not only does Scotland have every right and every incentive to vigorously pursue independence, the EU has every reason now to welcome them with open arms. No longer are they a rebellious trailblazer setting a dangerous precedent by breaking away from a stable member state; they’re now a vessel by which the EU can salvage part of its gigantic investment in Britain. And England, for its part, is vastly diminished. England is responsible for this utterly pointless political and economic catastrophe, and Scotland is the sensible party just trying to prosper in peace along with everyone else. Scotland is now blameless, and England, without its access to the EU, really has no right to claim the lion’s share of Scottish resources, which Brussels will eager to see back within the common market. It’s also in the EU’s best interest to punish and humiliate whatever’s left of Britain as much as possible, not just to make an example of them but to prove how unnecessary they were all along.

So, consider again the wider strategic significance of Scotland’s new position. Why would the EU reject Scotland now? Who could reasonably oppose Scottish independence now (aside from the English, whose opinion on the matter is even more irrelevant than ever before)? What could England really do about any of it?

Scotland has every reason to leave, England has no right and far less power to stop them, and the EU would have the spirit of a saint if it didn’t make a sport of encouraging Scotland to take the bloodiest pound of flesh possible out of the idiots who caused this whole mess in the process.

In short: if you’re English and didn’t vote to leave, do the smart thing, and get yourself married off to a Scot right now.

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  1. Run Scotland. Run and never look back.

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